Features of our (RCF) Roof Certification Inspections:
  • Specially Trained "Certified Inspectors" BUYER BEWARE: InterNACHI turns down more than half the inspectors who want to join because they can't fulfill the membership requirements!
  • NO WORRIES!! We DO NOT offer Roof Repairs, we focus exclusively on Citizens Insurance Roof Inspections. This means that you "NEVER" have to wonder if we are telling you that you have a Roof problem in order to get the EXPENSIVE job of repairing your Roof. We represent you “Exclusively” in order to protect your best interests!
  • "Extensive" & Very Thorough (RCF) Roof Condition Certification Inspections Performed (Interior & Exterior). Reports (our average report is over 60 pages and includes over 180 labeled photographs). No other company offers this extensive of a (RCF) Roof Certification Inspection report!
  • "State of the Art" (RCF) Roof Condition Certification Inspection Reports
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Roof Condition Certification Inspection (RCF)

Roof Certifications Help Sell Homes!

Certified Roof Condition Certification or RCF Inspections

We perform Roof Condition Certification Inspections (RCF Inspections) in the Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Okeechobee Counties area of Florida.

Citizens Insurance now requires Roof Condition Certification Inspections or proof of Roof replacement upon renewal for Homes of certain ages. Citizens Insurance says “The Roof is a major source of protection when there are high Winds. If a Roof is allowed to deteriorate, the entire Home and all its contents and even the people inside are vulnerable to storm damage. Insurance is not meant to pay for Property damage that is due to normal deterioration or lack of upkeep.”

Proof of Roof replacement, or a Roof Condition Certification Inspection will be required for Homes that are 25 years old and older if it has a shingle Roof. Homes with tile or metal Roofs, and mobile Homes 50 years old or older will also be required to have the Roof Condition Certification form filled out.

If there is no written proof, such as a signed off building permit, Homeowners will be required to have a Roof Condition Certification Inspection or renewal may be denied.

Not just anyone is allowed to fill out the Roof Condition Certification form. The Inspector “MUST” be qualified. Persons filling out the form illegally are committing a 3rd degree felony.

Why use an Inspector instead of a Roofer? Simple, Inspectors do not have any conflicts of interest like a Roofer may have. Some Roofers may be tempted to require repairs, and then give you an estimate. Since we do not do any repairs, you know our Roof Condition Certification Inspection is completely unbiased.

The Roof Condition Certification form is different from the Wind Mitigation Inspection form that is meant to lower your Insurance rate. We strongly recommend that anyone having the Roof Inspection Certification also have the Wind Mitigation if you haven’t had one done recently.

In order to pass the Roof Condition Certification, the Roof must not leak, and must have at least 3 years of useful life remaining.

Certified Roof Condition Certification or RCF Inspection - FAQ

Roof Condition Certification Form (RCF) Inspection - Citizens RCF-1 1108
My Insurance company requested a Roof Condition Certification Form Inspection.

What is Roof Certification Form (RCF) Inspection?
After February 1, 2009, JUA (Joint Underwriting Association) now Citizens request a Roof Condition Certification Form (CIT RCF-1 1108). Citizens is introducing a new Wind-only policy that includes new eligibility rules, coverage’s, and an enhanced policy-processing software system for agents. As a result, all current Citizens Wind-only policy are being discontinued, and Home owners must reapply for new Wind-only coverage

What are they looking for in these reports?
As much as we really don't know what any Insurance company needs or wants, this is our interPretation through experience only. They are generally looking for most systems in the Roof Condition Certification Form (CIT RCF-1 1108) to have been updated to current standards and are in good Condition.

Forms. Are there special forms?
Some Insurance companies like Citizens have forms that may be used : Citizens Roof Condition Certification Form (CIT RCF-1 1108)

Who can perform this type of Inspection ?
Can I Fill out the paper work myself?
A Licensed General, Building, Roofing Contractor, - Inspector, Engineer Inspection and signature is required to certify Homes of a certain age when required by most Insurance companies. Buyer Beware! Insurance Companies Cracking Down on Wrong Inspection License Types.

I am buying a Home. Can I use this as a less expensive Pre purchase Inspection?
No. This type of Inspection is not intended for use as a Pre Sale or Pre purchase comprehensive Inspection. As it is geared only for your Insurance need. It will not contain the type of information you may need to make an informed decision for purchase.

Citizens Single Personal Lines (SPL) Roof Conditions
All Roofs must be in good Condition with no damage or visible signs of leaks to be eligible for coverage with Citizens. In addition, specific age of Roof requirements have been implemented. Roof eligibility does NOT apply to HW-4 and HW-6 policies. Please see the underwriting manuals for each line of business for complete details.

Age of Roof Requirements
Homes over 25 years old with a shingle Roof, Homes over 50 years old with any other type of Roof and mobile Homes over 25 years old must have the Roof replaced to be eligible for coverage. To assist policyholders, Citizens has created a Roof Condition Certification Form (CIT RCF-1 1108) which may be used to certify the eligibility of the Roof. Other acceptable documentation includes a copy of a completed Roofing contractor a Roof Condition Certification Inspection completed by an eligible Roof Condition Certification Inspection Company, which contains the required information, found on the form..

EXCEPTION – At Least 3 Years of Remaining Useful Life
If the applicant/policyholder can provide proof demonstrating the Roof has at least 3 years of remaining useful life (regardless of the actual age of the Roof) the application may be submitted unbound with the appropriate Roof documentation for consideration. The documentation may be either a properly executed Roof Condition Certification Form (CIT RCF-1 1108) or a statement/Inspection from an eligible Roof Condition Certification Inspection Company, which contains the required information found on form (CIT RCF-1 1108).

EXCEPTION – Intent to Comply
If the applicant/policyholder has already entered into a contract to have the Roof replaced, the application may be submitted unbound with the following documentation: • Signed contract from a licensed Roofing contractor stating that the Roof will be replaced within 60 days of the requested effective date • Photos of each Roof slope which adequately represent the current Roof Condition (at Roof level and in addition to the required dwelling photos) • Signed Roof Replacement Acknowledgement (CIT RRA-1) form indicating that if the Roof is not replaced within 60 days of the requested effective date, the policy will be cancelled and the application may not be resubmitted until the full Roof replacement has been made. The effective date will be determined once all documentation has been received. Once the Roof replacement is completed, you must submit: • A “paid-in-full” receipt from Roofer stating that the Roof was replaced • Photos of each slope (at Roof level) and updated photos of the dwelling
"Quote from Citizens Corp Bulletin"

Citizen's Roof Eligibilities as they apply to the Roof Condition Certification form.

Roof Covering Age

Shingle, built up tar and gravel, or other Roof coverings that are over 25 years old and tile, slate, clay, concrete or metal Roof coverings that are over 50 years old must be replaced / updated to be eligible for coverage (see exception below)*.  Documentation of full Roof replacement must be submitted with the application or prior to the policy renewal in which the Roof covering exceeds the maximum age requirements outlined in the following table (not applicable to HO-4 and HO-6 risks). 

Roof Eligibility

Roof Covering Age
Asphalt, Fiberglass, Composition, or Wood Shake Shingles; Built-up Tar and Gravel; or Other Roof Covering types Not Included Below
Over 25 Years Not Insurable*
Tile, Slate, Clay, Concrete or Metal
Over 50 Years Not Insurable*

*Exception: Risks that do not meet the Roof replacement eligibility requirements above may be eligible for coverage by submitting acceptable documentation verifying the Roof has at least 3 years remaining useful life (Refer to Properties to Be Submitted to Citizens for Review Prior to Binding).  Risks that establish Roof eligibility under this exception are not required to provide documentation of full Roof replacement until the policy renewal period in which the remaining useful life of the Roof covering falls below the 3-year eligibility threshold. Acceptable documentation includes a copy of a completed Roofing contract; a statement from a licensed Roofing contractor showing estimated age; Condition and remaining useful life; a completed Citizens Roof Condition Certification form; or other acceptable proof of remaining useful life.